Tim Hollins

Tim Hollins is a Clinical Informatician, working at Clark Memorial Hospital in Jeffersonville, IN. He has been in this role since March 2016. As a member of the Clinical Informatics team, it is Tim's job to ensure everyone using the electronic health record is able to do so in a knowledgable, safe, efficient, and effective manner. Tim is also an Administrator at Abacus Mechanical, his family owned heating & air conditioning business. At Abacus Mechanical his duties are always changing to meet the needs of the business, and the businesses best interest is always in mind.

Tim began working at Clark Memorial Hospital in December 2009 as a Student Respiratory Therapist. This is a position that provides students entering the medical field a chance to gain actual working, hands-on experience prior to graduating college or becoming licensed. Once he completed his Associate of Applied Science degree in Respiratory Care at Ivy Tech Community College and passed his National Board of Respiratory Care test, he was awarded a position as a Certified Respiratory Therapist at Clark Memorial Hospital. It was working as a Certified Respiratory Therapist that Tim gained a great deal of knowledge about healthcare and the technology surrounding him and the other bedside care givers. 

After a few years of working as a Certified Respiratory Therapist, Tim decided he was ready for a change of pace and decided to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University Southeast. It wasn't until he enrolled in an Introduction to Informatics course that his eyes were opened to the wonderful world of informatics. He continued to take informatics courses, coupled with business courses to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Informatics in May 2014. Before graduating with his informatics degree, Tim was chosen for the position of Manager of Respiratory Care at Clark Memorial Hospital. This is a role where Tim learned a great deal about team dynamics, assuring fiscal responsibility, and so much more. It was in his role as Manager of Respiratory Care where Tim was able to apply the concepts he learned while taking business classes, and those he learned in informatics. As manager of the respiratory department, Tim was able to work with the Director and the informatics team to stream-line many of the respiratory therapy processes. By doing so, this greatly improved productivity and enhanced the quality of what was being documented by the respiratory therapy team.

Prior to working at Clark Memorial Hospital, Tim Hollins was employed by Jewish Hospital (now Kentucky One Health) in Louisville, Ky. Tim started working at Jewish Hospital the weekend he graduated high school in May 2004. He was introduced to the medical field here, as a Patient Transporter. It was as a patient transporter at Jewish Hospital that Tim began to learn the basics of healthcare and what it was like working 40+ hours per week. After a couple of years of being a patient transporter, and given the opportunity to be the lead transporter on the weekends, Tim decided to move on to a position that would require more skill and responsibility. It was at this time in May 2006 that Tim applied for and accepted a role as a Patient Service Assist in the Operating Room at Jewish Hospital. The role as patient service assistant afforded Tim the ability to combine his knowledge of patient transport and the logistics of Jewish Hospital to help better serve the operating room. This position was held until another, more interesting position opened up, Anesthesia Technician. In May 2008 Tim became an Anesthesia Technician. This position proved most valuable while he was attending school to become a Respiratory Therapist, as he was able to ask many questions to the Anesthesiologists. A lot of the equipment that was used while working in the operating room was also the equipment that would be familiar in a critical care or emergency room setting in the hospital. Tim's years working at Jewish Hospital had a great impact on his work ethic, ability to adapt to a rapidly changing healthcare environment, and laid the foundation for his experience in healthcare.