Tim Hollins

Hi, my name is Tim Hollins. I am a husband and father of two. I am also an Indiana state licensed Certified Respiratory Therapist, credentialed by the National Board of Respiratory Care. My current role of Clinical Informatician gives me the opportunity to use my vast technical abilities combined with the skills that I've acquired in my 10+ years of healthcare experience. As a Clinical Informatician, working on the Clinical Informatics team, it is my main role to ensure that I am doing everything in my power to make certain the front line clinical staff (MDs, RNs, Ancillary, etc.) have the skill and tools to take care of our patients in the most safe, efficient, and effective manner possible. I work hand-in-hand with any clinical staff that may be experiencing issues, and continue to drill down into the issue until we get it resolved. These issues range from very simple to extremely complex. In each of these cases, and all areas in-between, it is my responsibility to get the issue resolved.

In addition to my healthcare information systems role, I am also an Administrator at our family owned heating and air conditioning company, Abacus Mechanical. At Abacus Mechanical, I handle the vast majority of the "office" work.  This means that I maintain accounts payable, accounts receivable, cost of goods sold, reports, our social media presence, regulatory compliance, payroll, and much more. It is also my responsibility to ensure all Federal, State, and Local taxes are paid.

Given the skills I've gained in healthcare, technical, and administrative roles; I feel that I am equipped to take on any challenges that are presented. I continue to try to learn and gain skills on a daily basis. It is my goal to always be an asset to my company.

Reach out to me by completing the form on the Contact page, or finding me on social media from the links below. Hope to hear from you soon!